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Silica Gel Application and Uses manual

Best Silica Gel  packaged desiccants meet military specification MIL-D-3464E and are approved for direct contact with food. The portfolio is formed from our extensive expertise in the utilization of materials science to packaging issues. Our products are flexible and robust enough for a multitude of applications:


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Aircraft equipment
  • Ball and roller bearings
  • Boilers (mothballing)
  • Cameras and film
  • Shipment containers
  • Delicate instruments
  • Diagnostic test kits
  • Electronic devices
  • Food packages
  • Hydroscopic resins
  • Medical devices
  • Moisture sensitive powders
  • Powdered metals
  • Silicone wafers
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Garments product

The adsorbent properties of silica packets such as these made by Best Silica Gelare widely recognized due to their extensive use in a range of consumer and industrial products.