White Silica Gel is a refined and processed silicon dioxide. It has been synthetically transformed into a hard granule to absorb up to 40% moisture.
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It is specially designed to use in the Food, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceutical industry. The main purpose of this silica gel is to protect the packaged materials from internal moisture by up to 40% by controlling the humidity levels and keeping them safe from bacterial attack.
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Blue Silica Gel is a recyclable granule made with silicon dioxide, and then it is washed with cobalt chloride at a high concentration. when dried, cobalt chloride has a rich blue hue. After absorbing moisture, it changes to pink. After getting heated, it'd be blue again and that's the time it'd be reusable too.
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Orange Silica Gel is a type of desiccant that contains a moisture indicator. It appears orange when dry and changes to green when saturated with moisture. It is commonly used to protect products from moisture damage during storage and transportation, indicating when it needs to be replaced.
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Best Dry®️ is superior desiccant made with calcium chloride, steacher, polyethylene and more. With proper mixing ratio, it is produced to control humidity level. However, it comes with up to 300% moisture control capabilities, reducing the possibilities of moisture damages.
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Best Dry®️ Container Desiccant is specially produced for shipping container, made with calcium chloride stacher polyethylene, Tyvek paper, high-quality non-woven fabric and hanger. It keeps the goods dry and secure inside the containers from container rain that often causes humidity.
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Best Dry®️ Clay Kraft is one of the plastic-free desiccants that is formulated using bentonite. Another positive of this natural desiccant is that it uses a completely biodegradable kraft paper which has been certified by FSC. Being free of damaging materials, they can be an outstanding companion for the preservation of products.
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BEST DRY®️ CLAY is primarily composed using all-natural elements, making it one of the safest mold protection solutions you can go for. A particular matter that is worth considering is, despite using natural ingredients, it performs better than its chemicalized counterparts.
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Natural Clay is actually one kind of desiccant that originated from completely natural clay. It's produced with processed real mud in a way of the natural procedure. That's why it is totally harm-free and environmentally safe due to not using harsh chemicals and non-toxic materials. Besides, Natural Clay Desiccant is eco-friendly and DMF-free as well.
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Welcome to our company

Greetings to Best Silica Gel Packaging, the leading desiccant manufacturer in Bangladesh. Our wide selection of desiccants is designed to offer effective solutions against moisture damage. Since 2014, we have collaborated with numerous international clients, including esteemed names such as Walmart, Uniqlo, ZARA etc. Our commitment to excellence is evident as we provide premium-grade desiccants to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our clients. We produce all types of desiccants, such as Silica Gel, Best Dry (Superior Desiccant) & (Container Desiccant), Dry Clay, Natural Clay, etc., to keep the valuable export-oriented products health safe and absorb moisture properly.


Welcome to Best Silica Gel Packaging. We're the largest desiccant manufacturer in Bangladesh. We produce all types of desiccants to provide moisture-damage solutions. We started way back in 2014 throughout the journey, we worked with many international clients. Also, we actually offer our clients premium-grade all desiccants for their satisfaction.


Best Dry®️ Superior Desiccant


Best Dry®️ Container Desiccant


Best Dry®️ Clay Kraft


Best Dry®️ Clay Container Desiccant


Silica Gel Desiccant


Pharma Silica Gel (Food Grade)


Natural Clay Desiccant


Dry Clay Desiccant



Our goal is to employ advanced desiccant technologies to protect products from moisture-related issues during shipment and storage, thereby safeguarding all export industries to make the dream come true. Additionally, our Best Dry Superior Desiccant can absorb moisture up to 300%, ensuring optimal container conditions for product preservation also our Best Dry Clay Kraft is 100% biodegradable desiccant.


Our vision is to create a diverse range of high-quality desiccants for our valued customers and ensuring the highest customer service.


International Buyer
Annually Export
250 Million
Annually Production
1 Billion

Explore Our Products

Best Dry®️ Superior Desiccant

Best Dry®️ Clay Kraft

Best Dry® Container Desiccant

Best Dry®️ Clay Container Desiccant

Silica Gel Desiccant

Pharma Silica Gel Desiccant

Natural Clay Desiccant

Dry Clay Desiccant

Explore Our Service

Prevent Shipping Container's Moisture

Desiccants absorb surplus moisture from the air, minimizing the likelihood of condensation forming on the cargo or in the storage. Best Dry Container Desiccants help your products keep safe and moisture-free during shipment. Good to know, Best Dry absorbs up to 300% moisture, protecting your shipping container from moisture damage and ensuring your goods reach their destination safely. We also have Best Dry Clay Kraft which is completely eco-friendly which ensures moisture free packaging of your product.

Defeat Moisture, Grow up sales

Best Dry preserves product quality by preventing moisture-related damage during storage and transportation, ensuring that goods maintain their integrity and appeal to consumers. Also, it extends the shelf life of products by inhibiting mold, mildew, and bacterial growth, reducing spoilage, and increasing profitability. So, to grow your sales, you need to defeat moisture using Best Dry Desiccants. And overall it will protect you from buyer penalty.

Pharma and Food grade silica gel for medicine and food safety

Ensure the safety of your goods from the factory to retail destinations by using dry silica gel. This versatile desiccant acts as a moisture-absorbing shield, effectively protecting your goods during transit. From safeguarding electronics, clothes, medicine, foods and garment’s items to preserving perishable goods, dry silica gel offers a reliable solution to keep your goods dry and intact throughout its journey to retail shelves.

Moisture Prevention with Superior Desiccant

One of the key feature of our superior desiccant is its moisture absorption capacity, which is capable of absorbing up to 300% moisture. And it assures you that the product successfully protect moisture damage from shipping to customer. That's why our Best Dry Superior Desiccant is populer for its special power.

Meeting with our clients to prevent moisture problems

Meeting with clients to prevent moisture problems ensures proactive measures, safeguarding quality control and long-term structural integrity. Also suggest Best Quality Desiccant for each customers.

Best Customer Support

Receive top-notch support from our expert team.

Our customer support team offers expert guidance on preventing moisture damage, ensuring your property's longevity and maintaining structural integrity.

Expert tips to prevent moisture damage.

Our clients be happy for Moisture Solutions

This is one of our top goals this year.

Our clients are delighted with our desiccant moisture solutions, ensuring their spaces remain dry, secure, and well-maintained. Experience long-lasting protection from humidity and exceptional satisfaction with our services.

When shipped without desiccant

Shipping without desiccant invites moisture damage.

Other Clients

Product Packet and Ship Without Desiccant
Product damage by humidity and container rain
Buyer is very unsatisfied and disappointed
The buyer make a penalty and you get a big loss

When shipped with desiccant

Ensures moisture-free shipping & boots profit

Our Clients

Product Packet with Superior Desiccant and shipped with container desiccant
The products protect from moisture properly by Desiccant
And customer’s will be happy for product received with good quality.
And buyer is so happy for business with you and you get a continue customer

Prevent moisture inside box

Keep boxes dry and safe with desiccants.

Desiccant for Inside Box

Utilizing desiccants inside boxes is crucial for preventing moisture damage. These moisture-absorbing agents effectively protect goods during storage and transit, ensuring they arrive in optimal condition. Invest in desiccants to safeguard your products and maintain customer satisfaction.

Prevent moisture inside container

Defeat container rain and keeps the humidity balance right.

Desiccant for Container

Desiccants are essential for containers, protecting contents from moisture damage. They absorb humidity, preventing mold, container rain, corrosion, and spoilage during shipping and storage. Ensure your goods remain in perfect condition by using desiccants in every container for reliable protection.

Speech Of


I'm immensely proud of our legacy in manufacturing a comprehensive range of desiccants. Our brand, Best Dry, stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. We strive to provide top-tier moisture control solutions, ensuring the integrity and longevity of our clients' products. Our success is rooted in our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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Managing Director

It's a privilege to lead a company synonymous with quality and reliability in desiccant manufacturing. Best Dry is not just a brand; it's a promise of superior moisture protection. Our team's relentless focus on innovation and excellence drives us to meet and exceed the diverse needs of our customers. We are committed to delivering solutions that safeguard and enhance product quality worldwide.

Our Company Profile

Certification of Our Desiccants: Guaranteed Quality and Effective Moisture Protection

Ensuring top quality desiccant with third party test report.